Jaelle’s Story

The services that I received from Grace International were: love, integrity and care for others. At the Grace Girls Home, all my needs were met as well as the need to complete my schooling and graduate degree from college at age of 22. Preparation for adulthood was provided until I became the person I am now. At the Grace Girls home I was taught discipline, responsibility and independence. 

I became a business manager, around 2014, I worked for Star of Hope Haiti and for Grace International.  I met this wonderful Christian man while I worked at Grace International, Joseph Francky Dena and we married in May of 2016. We moved to Cabaret, Haiti and began our own Girls orphanage, with 8 lovely young girls. 

God continues to bless us, he gave me a wonderful job in 2017, working for Water Mission Haiti as an accountant and I’m able to travel, within the US & Canada. 

 “In one word Grace International means the WORLD to me.”

I recommend Grace International to other people, and also preach as they preach to me the words of God and how they care for their kids. I would like to encourage those giving to all the good works that Grace International does and to the Grace Girls and Boys Home, to continue to spread the love of God and also to remember that you reap what you 

Grace International