I Sneezed In My Casket

Herein read the exciting saga of a man of God for all ages. Challenged throughout his life by poverty, violence, disease, hunger, hurricanes, and death itself; he soldiered on. Empowered by his relationship with God through Christ, Joel Jeune carried on the legacy of his father who had also overcome Haiti’s numerous adversities. The dark cloud of Voodoo hovering for 200 years over Haiti did not daunt Joel in his pursuit of purpose to fulfill God’s prophesy for him that even death itself could not deter him.

Miracles of faith have followed Joel from childhood to the present, death had no dominion in his life, nor did unstable governments, dictators, disease or disasters. Joel followed where ever God led him, even though the raging sea of sorrows that Haitians have been burdened with. He has saved the orphans from many storms and established safe harbors for God’s children of all ages.

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