CEO’s Compensation Policy


Grace International General Philosophy

The compensation structure and systems of Grace International will support the organization’s mission, strategy, vision, and values.

The compensation structure will be linked to an effective performance management system with individual growth and development as well as professional achievement goals. The goals will be accompanied by effective benchmarks for measuring success.

Grace International will pay for performance; skills and competencies; development and growth; and effective visible commitment to the organization.

The compensation system will reward truly outstanding performers and provide appropriate feedback to staff members who need improvement.

The compensation system will include annual adjustments to pay ranges based on changes in the marketplace (subject to financial constraints). Adjustments to individual base pay will be based on job performance and growth in mastering job competencies.

The compensation system will have a coherent structure based on pay practices consistent with our nonprofit ministry and status, as well as industry standards.

CEO Specific

Grace International Board reviews CEO performance on an annual basis. Performance objectives for each coming year will be determined jointly by the CEO and the Board in September of each year, with the explicit understanding that salary adjustments and any incentive opportunity will be based on performance against these objectives. The Board will clearly outline and communicate how performance will be linked to salary adjustments and any incentive opportunity.

The Board reviews the CHARITY NAVIGATOR’S Compensation Comparisons Study of two previous years and of the current year in consideration the compensation of the CEO and the highest paying directors, based on similar organizations, similar geographic areas, and similar mission, purposes, and accomplishments.

February 17, 2013

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